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Henan contrust Co., Ltd. Products are based on the highest quality standards and parameters of design and production, you can replace the original components of perfection.
Gear Co., Ltd. Henan Products coding parameters only used to help accurately identify, recognize and use our products, ordering products, please be sure to confirm ahead of time with my Secretary.

R & D advantages:
My company's broad domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, and Design Institute (), the well-known company set up a scientific research, product design, new product development technical cooperation. Such as Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Wuhan Transportation University of Science and Technology, 703 in shipping companies, Jiangsu Machinery Design and Research Institute, Maanshan Iron & Steel Institute, Beijing Iron and Steel Institute,西德西马克company, the West German company MAN , Japan Hitachi, Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Corporation, Nippon Steel Corporation, KONE Corporation and other institutions of higher education in Finland, and Design Institute (), the well-known foreign companies have a lot of successful cooperation and common research and development of many new technologies, new products .
In technological innovation, our company has achieved fruitful results: Company research and development of hardware gear noodle Biarc gear, at the same technical parameters, the load-bearing capacity than involute gears hardened improve 1-2 times. Medium Hard Gear Gear noodle point line, at the same technical parameters, the load-bearing capacity than the involute gears in hardened improve the carrying capacity of 3-4 times. Application of these research results, so that my company's products have been rapidly improve the technical level, reached the international advanced level. At present, the company has developed advanced foreign country with the latest product compared to modular PR Series Universal Gear Box series, and have broad market prospects for development of wind power gear box series.

Talent advantages:
My company has built high-speed heavy-duty gear the development of new products design center, is a national technology research center gear construction units. Center has a professor of Engineering 7 people and enjoy special government allowances 5 people, the National Standardization Technical Committee members gear one person, the National Standardization Committee heat treatment one person, the National Association of heat treatment one person, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Mechanical Transmission Branch members one person . Master's degree or more education research, the design staff of 22 people engaged in high-tech products research, development, design, technology staff 186 people, accounting for the company 16.77 percent of the total number of workers. At the same time, the company has set up an effective incentive mechanism, give full play and the mobilization of the engineering and technical personnel, study and work.


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